FIA Cases

FIA Cases

Usman Habib Law firm specializes in a variety of cases, including FIA cases and family cases. We have an expert and competent team of lawyers for FIA cases in Lahore. We also specialize in family cases like divorce, court marriage, and online marriage in Lahore. Usman Habib Law firm is the best lawyers firms in Pakistan.

The federal government of Pakistan establishes the Federal Investigation Authority (FIA). Director-General in federation and province heads it. It has an exclusive mandate given in FIA act 1974 in terms of special offenses. This FIA act has a complete list of offenses such as Foreign assets, banking companies ordinance, foreigners act, Custom act, Money laundering, Passport act, Human trafficking, Drug act, Exit control ordinance, National database, etc. which FIA has to deal with.

FIA has separate departments to deal with offenses; each department specializing in its field. Usually, law enforcement agency first chalks the FIR then investigate the matter but in FIA first investigate the matter and then chalk the FIR.

During the investigation, the FIA officers send notices to the concerned party and also take assistance from other departments. That’s why the challan submitted by FIA in the court contain very few defects. The FIA lawyers work strenuously on their file. Cyber-crime department of FIA is very vigilant and competent to trace the culprit. It also has technical departments that can get the record of fingerprints, signatures, inspect documents, get access to the records, and check the counterfeited or faked documents. Our law firm has very much competent in handling the cases of cyber-crimes. Our solicitors help both the accused and the effected persons and provide the legal services to both the parties — touch base with us to get the services of best FIA lawyers in Lahore, Pakistan.

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