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Officially operational from 15th September 2014, Usman Habib Law Firm is situated in the heart of Lahore City with some important institutions like Lahore High Court, State Bank of Pakistan, Punjab Bar Council, Judicial Academy, and AG Office. Equipped with modern infrastructure, the firm has the capacity to deal with increasing workload in different areas of law with the help of full-time and part-time associates along with experts from different fields including government and private officials.

One of the primary objectives of the firm is to provide justice to all without any discrimination to needy as well as the corporate sector. Moreover, the firm is aimed at achieving a top position amongst country’s top legal entities and later on competing with international gigantic law firms. Furthermore, the Firm is ambitious to excel in the area of quality legal research for Governmental, Semi-Governmental and Private Institutes for which it has assured during process of hiring that every member is acquainted with at least basic research skills so that his/her abilities could be polished with time. Furthermore, the Firm has been able to assist more than an average of 15 clients every month.

The Firm prefers honesty to money because it is designed at attaining quick good reputation so that it could win clients satisfaction. However, difficult at this time, the Firm will issue a quarterly legal digest from June 2019 that would include articles containing according to law and authentic legal cementation upon country’s top legal issues along with best possible practical solutions that would appeal all classes of law lovers. Having its societal responsibility, the Firm donates 5% of total annual income to EDHI Welfare Trust for the welfare of well-deserved and handicapped children of the society and recently deposited a considerable amount in DAM FUND project established by Supreme Court of Pakistan.

why choose us?

Usman Habib Law Firm is one of the most professional law firms in Lahore having a great reputational experience over the span of a few years.



Usman Habib Law Firm has qualified law professionals, who can handle any legal query and that too with any legal consequences.

one-window operation

Our firm is multi-faceted and provide a diverse range of services to ensure unique and effective legal solutions to all clients.


Unlike other law firms in the city, we have some of the most experienced office managers having practical experience of about 35 years.

clients who testify

We have earned a reasonably good reputation over the past few years, and our clients testify the experience they have had with our experienced legal solutions.

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