A successful business is built on good relationships, and these relationships are based on contracts. A contract is a legal agreement between two parties. At Usman Habib Law firm, we negotiate and advice on a variety of business contracts. Our highly experienced contract lawyers save your time and money by negotiating a complex legal agreement on your behalf.

Startups and smaller businesses often see legal advice for little tangible benefits and considerable expense. If you do not have the precise business contract, then it may lead to a potential inability to pursue debts owed, possible cash flow issues, litigation, and potential liabilities.

Reliable Solicitors for business Contracts and Agreements

Are you facing contract law-related problems such as drafting problem, negotiating problem, or a dispute? Don’t fret. Consult with our contract solicitors. We provide you a reliable business contract that you can understand easily and know how to use and implement.

The document is not worthy for your business if you don’t understand it. Because in this situation if a customer asks you about the contracts and want to vary your contract or breach it, can take your business go down the drain.

Services of our Contract Lawyers

We offer high-quality legal advice, drafting, and negotiation among many areas, including:

  • Franchise Agreement
  • Joint Venture Agreement
  • Limited Liability Partnership Agreement
  • Licensing Agreement
  • Consultant Contract
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Indemnity Agreement
  • Terms and Conditions for your business
  • Shareholder Agreement
  • Partnership Agreement
  • Service Contracts
  • Construction Contracts
  • Real Estate Agreement
  • Intellectual Property Contracts
  • Employment Contracts
  • Business Sale Contracts
  • Advertising Contracts
  • Agency Contracts
  • Power of Attorney
  • Distribution Agreement
  • IT Support Contract
  • Loan Agreements
  • Property Leasing
  • Manufacture and Supply Agreement
  • Partnership Agreement
  • Contract for the Supply of Works and Services
  • Intellectual property Agreement

Business to Business or Consumer Contracts

It is crucial to know whether you deal with other businesses or consumers to understand the fundamental issues of your commercial contracts. When dealing with consumers, you may want to include exclusion clauses or clauses limiting liability. Consumers have specific legal protections and rights such as the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977, which the Courts are likely to intervene with to vary a contract. It may be seen as excessive, biased, and unfair, especially if there is an unequal bargaining power between the parties.

Entire Agreement is a key commercial contract clause

Commercial Contract includes the definition of products or services, payment terms, potential events, and duration of the breach. A contract with a well-drafted clause that represents the whole agreement and their variations agreed by both parties in a specific way can be invaluable and precious.

If you’re seeking for contract lawyers for resolving your legal issues, then count on us. We’re experienced, practical, and cost-effective choice for your any legal issue.

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