Criminal law

Usman Habib Law Firm is committed, proficient, strategic, and has the ability to handle complex criminal cases. We have had a successful history of defending most of the criminal lawsuits. Our skilled and professional team will advise you on your case if you are targeted by sexual violence, violent crime, coercive criminal activity, drug offense, and any other high-profile and extravagant criminal activities.

Crime is something unavoidable in most of the circumstances, but the right legal help at the right time can eliminate its effect. Usman Habib Law Firm stands tall in helping people in their most needed times, with its professional and legal help.

Our criminal law professionals have handled hundreds of criminal lawsuits and cases, covering the majority of crimes. We have the ability to provide reasonable solutions to every illegal activity that you are suffered with. We specialize in delivering reliable solutions to our potential clients, and we make sure our clients get the premium legal services in the town.

There are hundreds and thousands of attorneys practicing criminal law in Lahore, but we stand out among all of them because we give our clients the utmost priority as we do make sure the client gets the decision in its favor. We have also won hundreds of jury trials. Our law practitioners work vigorously to provide our clients with the utmost fervent representation. We listen to our clients very carefully as we treat them just more than a number.

We are pretty confident that when you visit our office for any criminal attorney services, you will find us cooperative and helpful as we are different from all other attorneys. We give away unique and profound solutions to help you succeed in every legal matter.

why choose us?

Usman Habib Law Firm is one of the most professional law firms in Lahore having a great reputational experience over the span of a few years.



Usman Habib Law Firm has qualified law professionals, who can handle any legal query and that too with any legal consequences.

one-window operation

Our firm is multi-faceted and provide a diverse range of services to ensure unique and effective legal solutions to all clients.


Unlike other law firms in the city, we have some of the most experienced office managers having practical experience of about 35 years.

clients who testify

We have earned a reasonably good reputation over the past few years, and our clients testify the experience they have had with our expert legal solutions.

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