Family Law

At Usman Habib Law Firm, we assist our clients in resolving family law affairs. Doesn’t matter what type of family law case you’re dealing with, we’ll go to greater length to resolve your case. We guide our clients on all aspects of relationship breakdown. We use different resolution methods, technology, and years of experience to win your case.

We’ve vast experience in all areas of the law, including marriage, Divorce, Khula including annulment and judicial separation. We can also handle all financial aspects of separation and domestic abuse.

Our Services

Our solicitors can provide you a broad range of services on family law issues including:

  • Petitions for divorce
  • Advice on divorce in Pakistan and divorce for overseas Pakistanis
  • The financial process, financial restraints, and financial support
  • Adjustment and modification of child support
  • Parenting plan that addresses the needs of children
  • International family issues
  • Grandparents Rights Issues
  • Division of Marital Property
  • Domestic abuse
  • Property division and settlement agreements
  • The regulation of foreign marriages, religious marriages, particularly Islamic marriages
  • If you have connections to another country, we’ll help you to decide when and whether to instigate divorce proceedings in this country
  • Inciting or defending claims that your separation should take place in this country
  • Estate Planning, including Power of attorney, wills, health care directives.

At Usman Habib Firm, we can understand how traumatic and stressful family crises can be. That’s why we design a transparent and straightforward process to give our clients the comfort of mind. We provide high-quality legal services without blowing your budget. We’ve helped thousands of low-income families. Whether you need support for domestic violence or want support for child custody, count on us. We’ll go extra miles away to resolve your issues.

why choose us?

Usman Habib Law Firm is one of the most professional law firms in Lahore having a great reputational experience over the span of a few years.



Usman Habib Law Firm has qualified law professionals, who can handle any legal query and that too with any legal consequences.

one-window operation

Our firm is multi-faceted and provide a diverse range of services to ensure unique and effective legal solutions to all clients.


Unlike other law firms in the city, we have some of the most experienced office managers having practical experience of about 35 years.

clients who testify

We have earned a reasonably good reputation over the past few years, and our clients testify the experience they have had with our expert legal solutions.

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