Intellectual Property

What is Intellectual Property?

Intellectual property refers to the bundle of a legal right that arises from intellectual creation, such as inventions, literary, and artistic work. It generally falls into four main areas:

Copyright—Protection is given to creative works such as writing or drawing, articles, software, blog posts, graphic designs, and movies.

Trademark—Protection is given to original words, a combination of words, symbols, and design.

Patent—Protection is given to products or process of invention and giving the creator control over how their idea is used.

Trade secret—protection is given to special programs, formulas, and techniques that you develop.

Intellectual property laws give protection to the possession of personal property, real estate, and also safeguards the exclusive control of certain intangible assets. It encourages and facilitates an environment in which creativity, originality, and functionality can flourish. It ensures the creators to get profit from their innovative work without any fear of stealing.

Why should you protect your intellectual property?

Intellectual property law protects more than just an idea or a concept for many individuals and companies. It protects genuine business assets. It may be integral to the core services of a business, its overall values, and long-term financial viability.

It covers many different forms of creative work from logos and corporate identity designs of your business to products and services. It may help to set your business apart from your potential competitors.

Touch base with us to protect your Intellectual Property

Usman Habib is a leading law firm of intellectual property specialists. Our intellectual property services ranging from large multinational companies to startups and individual inventors. We have a vast experience of helping clients to protect, manage, exploit, and defend their intellectual properties rights. Our experienced solicitors learn all the ropes to cover the spectrum of intellectual property law and practice specifically:

  • Our anti-counterfeiting services prevent your competitors from imitating or duplicating your brands, products, and designs;
  • Our experts can assist with a wide range of areas, including disputes, commercial transactions, litigation, intellectual property rights, general clearance, and advisory work, audits, and chain of title research;
  • We will also assist you in protecting your creative investment and negotiating the complex legal maze of multiple overlapping design laws;
  • We offer premium quality of services to preserve and exploit valuable assets including trade secrets and confidential information through commercial agreements and litigation;
  • Our team has the skills, talent, and experience to manage all forms of patent litigation;
  • Our team will advise you across the whole range of trademark and other relevant rights (such as passing off), including protection, clearance searches, and register ability issues, coordination, and management of trademark filings, franchise agreements, and branding, litigation, and disputes. Feel free to call our legal property solicitors, if you need reliable and intellectual property law advice.

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